Top 5 Halloween Costumes To Avoid This Year

Top 5 Halloween Costumes To Avoid This Year

Let’s not make these costume mistakes

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posted by at Oct 29, 2016 at 9:24 am
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Halloween is around the corner, and we all know what to expect: parties, candy and costumes. Your social media feed will most likely be full of Halloween spirit from family and friends. Let’s face it, many people will be wearing that overrated costume that will make you look twice and not for good reasons.

The same old, generic costumes aren’t making the cut anymore. It’s a holidays to bring out your creative and unique skills for that one of a kind costume. Just in case you need a reminder, here are the five stereotypical, washed up Halloween costumes to avoid this year.


1. Pirate

Let’s be real, a pirate costume was cool when you were 10 or when Pirates of the Caribbean was actually trending before “trending” was even a thing. In 2016, you look like an old man trying to bring 2003 back.


2. Cat

Ladies, do you really want to be associated with an animal who’s also known as a “pu**y.” I really don’t think so and honestly you can do a lot better than an all black suit from your closet and some .99 cent ears from the Dollar Store.


3. Clown

With all the clown attacks do you really think it’s worth it to put your life at risk with a character America currently despises? If you’ve been living under a rock, clowns are getting beat up by regular civilians for simply wearing a costume. Don’t be dumb.


4. Scream

Does this generation even know about Scream? I mean the first film came out in 1996 for pete’s sake. We’ve got news for you buddy, everyone will think you’re cheap for wearing a costume you’ve probable worn for the last 20 years.


5. Charlie Sheen

I guarantee you no one will know who you are with this costume because the last time #Winning was a thing was in 2011. Today, you’ll look like that perverted uncle people actually have in real life.

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