Travis Scott and Nas Talk Hip Hop In Playboy’s “Speech Issue”

Travis Scott and Nas Talk Hip Hop In Playboy’s “Speech Issue”

When two generations meet to discuss hip-hop.

Natalie Huyen
posted by at Mar 21, 2019 at 7:11 pm
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“How you came into the game, it was kind of crazy,” Travis says to Nas, whom Travis personally selected to discuss the evolution of hip-hop. Although two decades apart, the two have shaped hip-hop and have joined forces to discuss the timeline of hip hop from the past to present. The spread features film photos of Travis and Nas in vintage attire, bringing a nostalgic aesthetic, encompassing the theme of the discussion.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

Nas on technology: “Because of the internet. We can go do a song right now and put it up. We don’t have to ask nobody. The record industry actually follows what we do, especially once you make your name in the game. “

Travis Scott on the Hip Hop industry in the past: “The past generation knocked down so many doors where, you know, they were spitting a lot of pain, man. They was dealing with a lot of police stuff. We’re still dealing with that now, but it wasn’t so free. Now we got more of a voice at the label. We can kind of put out our own music whenever. You and I could do a song during this interview and upload it right now if we wanted to.”

Nas’ response: “Nowadays the pain has changed. We’re after different things. We broke past the barriers. We understand what we need to do and we’re in control of what we’re doing, and no one can stop it now. No one can tell us what to do, what we can’t do. Rap music can’t be stopped now.”

The feature continues with Nas expressing his admiration for Travis Scott’s public visibility and music, and their views on politics. Both men close out the interview through discussing that there is no barrier, and asking questions to themselves and about their influences on their audiences.

Travis: “When I started, I never thought I could do arenas and be so big that so many people would come listen to the music and know the words. I think what makes a great artist is just the people you touch. Are they moving to your music? Are they living their life to it? Are they rocking with it or feeling inspired by it, or is it helping them get through something?”

Nas: “I love it right now because it’s testing you. What are you made of? Can you survive? What do you have to offer in 2019? Because the moment you sleep, the moment you blink your eyes too long, your spot is taken. And that’s the excitement of it.”

The full feature is assessable on Playboy’s website.