The United States, Mexico and Canada Bid to Come Together to Co-Host the 2026 World Cup

The United States, Mexico and Canada Bid to Come Together to Co-Host the 2026 World Cup

Could this give us the unity the world needs right now?

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The United States, Mexico and Canada have made a bid to co-host the 2026 Men’s World Cup, this would be the first time the World Cup would be hosted by more than two different countries at once. The 2018 World Cup will be hosted by Russia and will be expanding from 32 to 48 teams, which will increase the match numbers from 64 to 80. Sunil Galati the U.S. soccer chief said that the bid has President Donald Trump‘s support and that the U.S. would host 60 matches from the quarter-finals, while Mexico and Canada will host 10 matches each.

The World Cup‘s governing body said that countries in Asia and Europe will not be allowed to bid due to the fact that Russia and Qatar are hosting the next two World Cup‘s. If the U.S, Mexico and Canada win the bid, it would be great considering that the United States and Mexico are in the top four of most attendance. Though Canada has not hosted a men’s World Cup before, they have hosted the women’s World Cup in 2015. FIFA is accepting bids until December 2018 and then will announce the host 15 months after in May 2020 which happens to be the year of the next U.S. presidential election.

There is still a lot for FIFA to think about before they choose a host, especially since they will have to consider all the traveling teams will be doing between the three countries; if they do choose the U.S., Mexico and Canada it will most like stay on the East or West sides of the countries. With all that being said, FIFA will still have to think about the feelings other countries will have coming to the U.S. since we are all aware of President Trump’s desire to build a giant wall on the board of the United States and Mexico. As well as all the ban’s Trump has tried to put on certain countries from traveling into the U.S, that have been continuously denied.

However, Sunil Galati has said “We don’t believe sport can solve all the issues in the world but, especially with what’s going on in the world today, we believe this is a hugely positive signal and symbol of what we can do together in unifying people, especially in our three countries.” We do hope that FIFA will choose the United States, Mexico and Canada to host in 2026 for this reason and to go down in history for three different countries to host the World Cup!

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