Should Women Do More on Valentine’s Day?

Should Women Do More on Valentine’s Day?

Men want chocolates too.

Alicia Dieguez
posted by at Feb 14, 2018 at 12:30 pm
editor at hubwav

The day of romance aka Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you can feel the pressure as you walk down the aisles of Target and Rite-Aid. Oh, and don’t get me started with your local mall. I can assure you every other store is filled with red clothing and Valentine’s Day graphic tees.

For men, the pressure is usually on what to gift his significant other with or whether or not to get a present–and what–for someone they’ve only been seeing for a while. Not to mention, planning the perfect date that tops last year’s Valentine’s date.

For women, the pressure is usually on what to wear on their special night out or stressing out about who will be their Valentine this year, and if they will even have one.

Relationships are about two people giving it their whole and learning how to compromise, right? Relationships should be about partnership, always. So, why can’t Valentine’s Day be a holiday in which both parties shower each other with love and gifts?

While many people believe Valentine’s Day is all about men showering his significant other with chocolates, flowers, human-sized teddy bears, and having the ideal date set up–others believe men should be just as spoiled and appreciated on Valentine’s Day.

What if this year, planning out what to get into on Feb. 14th is something that’s discussed between both people in the relationship–that way no one is disappointed and the stress is evenly divided.

I mean, I know women go through a lot–I am a woman–but I’m sure a lot of men out there who haven’t ever been gifted on V-Day would love and appreciate some chocolates, a card, and maybe a set of new boxers?