Word Association with Queens-Bred Producer Plat Ramos

Word Association with Queens-Bred Producer Plat Ramos

Plat Ramos drops his Latin/hip hop fusion instrumental tape ‘Mofongo’ and plays a special food-themed Word Association with us.

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By day, he’s Justin, a 24 year-old software engineer from Queens Village, NY. By night, he’s Plat Ramos, a hungry beatmaker with an appreciation for both Latin rhythms and the ’90s/’00s hip hop. It’s a Clark Kent story that may seem unlikely but nonetheless makes for a blissful aural concoction, despite his lack of genetic disposition. “Every corner of the house was covered in music,” Plat says of his childhood and adolescence. “But no one in my house was musical.”

Plat decided to take matters into his own hands by channeling his passion for music into producing, after a high school friend slid him a copy of the music production software FL Studio. “Producing was the only way I knew how to connect to the music I love, which is probably why I sample so much now,” admits Plat.

Growing impatient waiting for the right MC to rock his beats, Plat decided to drop Mofongo, a mixtape of instrumentals that are as versatile as the Caribbean dish its named for. “For me, a large part of being Latino is enjoying all this amazing food,” Plat says. “I felt this collection of songs most resembled the different types of mofongo. They all have platanos, but there’s one ingredient that makes the dish pop.” Accordingly, each track on Mofongo is named for a different version of mofongo, underlining the vast influences on Plat’s style. From salsa and bolero to East Coast hip hop and frequent cheeky vocal samples, it’s a dish that will have you asking for seconds.

Mofongo’s success may have exceeded his expectations, but Plat still has loftier goals ahead. “About a year ago I promised myself I would strive to stand out from the crowd musically,” Plat says. “I do all this in hopes that thousands or perhaps millions of complete strangers will enjoy my music as much as I do, but only time will tell.”

Since Plat is an admitted foodie, we subjected him to a food-based Word Association. Check it out, as well as the Mofongo mixtape, below.

Tostones: “One of my favorite ways to eat platanos. Growing up my brother ate 90% of the maduros at dinner so I learned to take advantage when my mom made tostones.”

In-N-Out: “The first time I had In-N-Out was amazing. I visited LA and my boy Chris picked me up from the airport and we went straight to the one by LAX. The line was almost at the door and it was filled with kids coming from a high-school football game. We waited 30 mins, but the burger and animal style fries were worth the wait… All that being said, Tommy’s was my favorite burger joint in LA.”

Habicheulas: “There’s PB & J, and there’s arroz con habichuelas. It just feels wrong whenever you have one without the other.”

Cronuts: “I’ve never had one, but the combination of a croissant and donut sounds dope!”

Non-New York pizza: “I have a lot of people in Chicago, so I have nothing but good things to say about deep dish, but if it’s not deep dish and it’s not from New York, then it’s not real pizza.”

Limoncello: “Definitely take it slow when you have some because ‘It’ll get ya drunk!’ I never had [it] before my cousin Chesi put me on, but she is quite the mixologist and if you ever go to a nice Italian restaurant, it’s a must order.”

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