Yelp Will Now Use Robots to Deliver Food

Yelp Will Now Use Robots to Deliver Food

Wheeled “intelligent courier robots” are coming to your doorsteps.

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posted by at Apr 13, 2017 at 3:12 pm
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Yelp and Marble a robotics company, have teamed up to give us one of the coolest ideas yet. The next time you order on Yelp’s Eats24 you might have a robot coming to your doorstep. Marble is releasing their wheeled “intelligent courier robots” to transport food for the Yelp Eat24 service. They are testing it out in the Mission and Potrero Hill neighborhoods in San Francisco. Marble is the first company to bring the on-demand robots to San Francisco.

Customers will order through the Yelp Eats24 app or website and then they are asked if they would be ok with a robot delivery. If they say yes to the robot delivering their goods (Who wouldn’t? ) they will receive a text message with a pin code, which will unload the robots cargo bay once their delivery arrives. Once the customer receives their food the robot will go to another restaurant or Marble HQ.

Matt Delaney CEO of Marble stated, “We’re starting with meals, but think our robots will be useful for everything from groceries, to pharmacy and parcel delivery in the long run.” We cannot wait for what else these robots have in store for us.

Photograph via TechCrunch